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Here's how GUARANTEEDfreedom works:

The more you talk, the more you save!
If your total usage is 120 minutes or less, your rate is 7.9 per minute.
If your total usage is between 121 and 480 minutes, your rate is 6.9 per minute.
If your total usage is between 481 and 720 minutes, your rate is 6.5 per minute.
If your total usage is over 720 minutes, your rate is 5.9 per minute.

Total usage is determined by the number of net domestic minutes used, rounded up to the nearest whole minute, over all subscribed services on your account at the end of the billing cycle. Calls to/from locations outside the continental United States and directory assistance calls do not count toward your total.

If you have a toll-free number, and your toll-free usage is less than 720 minutes in any billing cycle, your monthly statement will reflect a $2.02 toll-free number maintenance charge. As you may know, the toll-free database administrator charges all carriers a maintenance fee for every toll free number in use, and has been doing so for many years. In the past, we absorbed this cost as it pains us to charge a monthly fee for anything. However, as this fee grew larger and larger, we had no choice but to either raise our rates (no way!) or pass through the actual cost to our customers.

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