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This document uses multiple layers of encryption; however, if you are concerned with internet security, you may print and fax this form to us at 1.888.371.6985. Or, call GLOBALnet On Call™ (toll-free) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.888.OK.GLOBAL.

Please type your name as it appears on your local telephone bill. (If you want your GLOBALnet account set up differently, use the COMMENTS section below to specify this.)

Please enter your email address. We will send a confirmation email message to this address, and you must respond to it before we can begin service.

Some of our carriers require us to obtain a voice verification prior to initiating service. If this applies to your account, we will call you at the number you enter here to complete this step.

If we must obtain voice verification, what time should we call the number above?

Please enter your street address (the physical location where these telecommunications services are to be provided). If you want us to send your invoice to another address, please enter that address in the Billing Address box below.

Your Billing Address (if different)

List All Phone Numbers To Be Served. Place an asterisk (*) next to your main number:

Please indicate how your local telephone company classifies your telephone account:
Business Line(s)
Residence Line(s)

Who is your local telephone company?

Who is your current long distance provider?

How much do you spend per month on long distance?

Do you make international calls?

If yes, approximately what percentage of your total long distance bill is international? (This will help us match you with the appropriate international carrier.)

How many calling cards would you like issued for this account?

Please enter your Social Security Number (if a personal account) or your Federal Tax ID Number (if for a business account). Some service providers perform a credit check prior to approving your account.

Your Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number:

Please tell us how you heard about GLOBALnet? (If web search, which portal or index, and what key words?) This will help us target our internet advertising more effectively. Remember, the less we spend on advertising, the lower your rates will be!

Please add any additional comments or information that will help our staff set up your account properly.

Please read the following and click "AGREE" or "DISAGREE" below.

I am at least 18 years of age and have the authority to order long distance services for the telephone number(s) listed above. I hereby appoint GLOBALnet TeleManagement (GT) as my agent in all matters pertaining to telecommunications services for the line(s) listed above. I authorize GT to make inquiries, order changes, select carriers and act as signatory on my behalf as necessary. I understand that I may only select one company as my primary interstate and/or intralata carrier. I understand that my local phone company may charge a fee to complete changes as ordered. I understand that some carriers require GT to obtain a voice verification prior to beginning service, and, if this applies to me, I will be contacted by GT to complete the verification. This authorization remains in effect until revoked by me in writing.

I Agree
I Disagree

I understand that GLOBALnet TeleManagement will send a confirmation email to the email address I entered. I would also like confirmation of this order delivered by:

If you have any questions about your order, please call us toll-free at 1.877.OK.GLOBAL. We look forward to serving your needs, and exceeding your expectations! 

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