Would you shop at a grocery store that charges you $4.95 just for the 'privilege' of being their customer?

If you thought, 'Of course not!" then why would you pay a monthly fee to your long distance company for the privilege of being their customer? GLOBALnet is opposed to the principle of a monthly fee, and we think you should be, too. But, just in case you're not convinced, here's another reason to steer clear of them:

The monthly fee is really a hidden rate increase! If your current bill shows 48 minutes of calls, and you know that your rate is 10¢/minute, your invoice should be $4.80. Add in a monthly service charge of $4.95 and your total becomes $9.75. Now divide $9.75 (your total cost) by the number of long distance minutes used (48) and you come up with a startling fact: you're paying 20.3¢ per minute!

Using the example above, even if you are on the phone three hours a month (180 minutes), you're still paying too much with a monthly fee. Here's why: 180 minutes @ 10¢/minute = $18.00 plus $4.95 service charge = $22.95. $22.95 divided by 180 actual minutes used = 12.75¢ per minute!

Stop throwing money out the window. GLOBALnet does not make you pay for the privilege of being our client!

There are specific charges that you will see every month on your invoice. Like all long distance companies, GLOBALnet TeleManagement now collects the PICC, USF, payphone and tollfree surcharges.

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